Thursday, September 19, 2013

All The Boys I've Ever Kissed

This little book was my summer project, completed as part of a residency with the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah. It is currently for sale in my etsy store, along with a couple of other prints. I printed and put together an edition of 150 of these things, along with 15 artist proofs.

I've never printed such a big edition, so that was a fun challenge. It definitely began to wear on me when I got to folding and gluing, but it is an accomplishment to have a box all done and ready to go out into the world.

The book has a little portrait of each of the 5 men I've kissed in my life so far, along with a little information about what happened or what I was feeling on the bottom of the page. The last page is a chart and some statistical information. The chart, which shows the level of intimacy with each person over time, is one of my favorite things I've ever done.

The funnest thing about this book was what I did with the cover. Rather than producing an image to print, I put on my brightest lipstick and kissed the front of each book, creating unique prints from my lips for each book. Some of them look incredibly awkward, and others are really pretty, or even sort of sexy. I had to seal them with some Crystal Clear spray afterward, as lipstick doesn't dry like paint or ink, and it would continue to offset without this step.

This also got me into thinking about other projects. As I moved across the country recently, and I am currently unemployed, I don't have studio access. But I've started to have some fun with using my body as a printmaking matrix. I'll share some of that with you in my next post.