Saturday, March 26, 2011

A wave, then back to work.

It's gotten to that time in the school year where everything is just a mad dash to the finish.
I have very little time to do a blog post this month, so I'll make it quick. Student show is coming, and I, like a crazy person, am going to try submitting 10 pieces. A new print you haven't seen yet (or, more accurately, 3 of them), the print I showed you in my last post, The "My Eyes Are Up Here" sintra cut, 2 figure drawings, a little metal sculpture, my video piece "The Danger of Asking Questions," my 7 deadly sins book from last year, my spray paint piece "Do Mormons Have Horns?" as an installation directly on the wall this time, and, if I can get it done, a comic I made with a page for every hour of the day I was awake on February 4th.
I also have another for-hire comic to get done, as well as the usual schoolwork. It's going to be madness.
I didn't get into the CUAC show, but that was no big surprise. They have a certain type of work they prefer, and I don't fit into it.
In other news, I got a departmental scholarship to the University of Utah, and finally decided to stick with the decision to go there in the fall. I'll be graduating from Snow this semester, so I need to go somewhere, and their bookmaking program is exciting to me. Apparently, transfer students don't get scholarships there often, so I'm pretty happy with that. I'm hoping for an academic one too, and will hear about that in May.
And New York was awesome, as expected.

I'll give pictures and a proper post soon. But right now I need to go pull out a bottle of ink and get to work.