Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Am Woman. Hear Me Scream.

As a female, your purpose is to carry life. Biologically speaking, it is what you are made for. Our religion has expectations for marriage, and to ignore them is to damn yourself. Add to that the desires of your family, and not being a mother is entirely unacceptable. Your opinions on the matter are inconsequential.
You are not in control of your life or your body. That control belongs to every young man you associate with. If none of them choose to marry you, you will be a disappointment to everyone.
The time spent preparing your hair and covering your face with makeup each morning is not a luxury. You have to make yourself seem appealing. You need to hide anything that makes you less than perfect.
Every month you fail to be in a relationship is a waste. It’s a waste of pain and a waste of potential. After all, that thing you just threw in the garbage could have grown to be a child.

That's my Artist's Statement. The only differences between what's above and what's hanging above the comment book are the font and the punctuation. In the version that's hanging in the gallery, I used a font that capitalized every letter, and I made all the periods red. As far as Artist's Statements go, I think it's just dandy.

And these were the pieces: