Sunday, May 16, 2010


What went wrong, book? I tried to finish you. I pulled quite a few all-nighters. I worked very very hard. Why did everything go wrong? If the ink I used had dried, I would perhaps be finished with all 6 of you. But no. You had to make it difficult.
Okay. Admittedly, by the end I was thinking I'd be cutting it close. I just didn't figure that after a whole extra week in Ephraim working on printmaking and just printmaking that I'd only get one book done and because the ink was still wet it would be a piece of crap.
You suck, book. But by this time next month, you will be finished. Even if it will only be an edition of 5. You will be awesome when I'm finished with you.
More pictures of the crap book with the ink rubbing off all over the place after the jump.