Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last project, a start of something new.

 It's been busy this month. Today I graduated from Snow College and got my Associates of Science Degree, moved out of my apartment and back home, and got a letter from the University of Utah letting me know I got a full tuition scholarship for academics, which will be stacked on top of the smaller scholarship I got from the art department earlier. Wonderful.
A very full day overall, with lows and highs. I'll miss Ephraim more than I can say, but there's certainly good things to come.
This here is my last print from Snow College. It was my final project for my Experiments in Visual Thinking class. (Other projects of mine from the class, as well as the work of my classmates, can be seen here.) Our final was a show done with a blanket of forts showing all our work from the school year, with one new piece specifically to go with the space. I have titled it "A Little Privacy, Please."
I carved over one weekend, basically, which was madness. It's about the same size as my Woman in Training print from last year. It feels like a keyblock. So I plan to print it on paper and get some color in over the next month or so.
And I must give credit where credit is due: I didn't sew the pillow. My roommate Andrea did that for me, as it's been years since I've run a sewing machine. She waited for me to iron it and try to get the ink to finish drying then sewed the whole thing, all in the week before finals when she was stressed about another project, and I'll be forever grateful.
 I'll be sure to post any further progress, as well as any new pieces I come up with. Have a lovely night, world.

(Close-up. It almost starts to look like a single face. This was unintentional.)