Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Than Anything

I did something silly when I moved back home. I left my two newest matrices, the one for the print I showed you in the last post and the one I'm about to show you, in the studio of the school I graduated from last month. Luckily my boyfriend is taking summer classes there at the moment, so he is keeping them safe for me until I come to visit.
I don't have any new prints, any progress on previous work, nothing. I've been pretty lame art-wise this last month. Summer tends to get that way for me. Hopefully this blog will help make me create something new.
In the meantime, here's my print(s) that made it into the student show this year (and won the Director's Award). It's called "More Than Anything."

It's a pretty big photo there if you click on it. Which you'll probably want to do to see it at all.