Saturday, January 21, 2012


I pulled my very first screenprint yesterday! Woo!

Screenprinting is different. It will take some getting used to, for sure. I like how immediate it is. I like being able to draw something and just have that be my print. I like it for a lot of the same reasons I like doing photopolymer plates. It suits my style well. But it's very different to print, and I've got a long way to go before I'm really comfortable with it.

So in general, I'm happy with the image on this one, but not so much the printing job. But I'm happy enough with the image and easy enough on myself for this being my first time that I'll show it off a bit anyway.

As far as what it's about and whatnot, I think I'm going to leave most of that unsaid rather than go into detail and share everything going on in my life like previous blogs. I think the little girl is a younger version of myself, but I'm not really sure. I wish sometimes that the people that mattered most in my life were more proud of the things I do that I'm proud of. But I'm trying too see more good and be more happy lately, even if I do want to talk about stuff like that. At least in this piece, I think I managed to do both, say something that's been on my mind heavily and not having the art be sad.