Sunday, July 4, 2010


Summer is typically an unproductive time for me. Hopefully, when I get out of school and don't have these months designated as vacation/time to work at a real job and get money, this will change. For now though, all art is pretty much in the idea stage. Big ideas, but nothing tangible to show. I haven't done much visible stuff other than a bit of sketching.
Admittedly, June was busy. There was lots of living done, and personal things to try and deal with. Demons are still being fought, but I'm hoping for news in that area in the next week or so. Cross your fingers for me. July looks like it will be busy in a different way. Family things are on the horizon. Many wonderful, and even more wonderfully boring family things.
Anyway, the real reason I'm finally getting around to posting this is that a little over three weeks ago I finished my books. One has been given to my printmaking teacher. I'm waiting to find out what J.R. Goldberg's address is so I can send one her way. I will most defiantly keep one for shows and things. That leaves two to trade or, possibly, sell. I'm thinking about selling one on etsy to get money for my Send Trishelle To New York For The Spring Art Trip Fund or possibly the Give Trishelle Money So She Can Eat Because It's Healthy To Do That Every Once In A While And Sometimes She Gets Sick of Being So Skinny Fund.
This means I need to get my etsy store running. Which means I need to figure out what I'd really like to sell. I'd like to do some little, less expensive artworks. So cheap that my college attending friends might be able to get some of my art. I'm thinking of zines, but if you have any suggestions, comment and let me know, Peeps.
Also, my little brother said he'd help me get my website running. We'll see if that happens. I have a domain name, at least.
Okay. Fewer words now, more pictures. Here's the books.